Keep In Touch Video Just Dropped!

Yoh! so not so long ago I tried to figure out if Dope Saint Jude was part of the mythological Illuminati presence in the music industry.

In conclusion it was summed that while South Africa had been through maximum levels of cultural manipulation in the past- this artist was definitely only guilty of the production of relative cultural material.

Today the Keep In Touch music video dropped featuring Angel-Ho.

kit 1Now I do believe these people deserve to have their own cult following about now. The video consists of everything from Cape Town fashions, the legitimizing of Kaapse Taal-
kit 4
-sequenced dances, including a easy-to-follow themed move- Vouge In The Morning baby
kit 9

There’s forms and artifacts that represent the Capetonian lifestyle, culture/counter-culture- in every scene, which means deez tingz are getting elevated to levels of artistic documentation. AND its being illustrated and performed for your enjoyment and viewing participation. Don’t be passive about how accessible this is! Keep the fuck in touch! For real though..

S/O to Angel-Ho and Dope Saint Jude for having so much vibe and flare!! You guys teach us things!!
kit 7
kit 6Don’t get left behind peep-holes!

Micr.Pluto-“Particle Fields” [Music Video]


New music video from killer producer Micr.Pluto. The track is bigger than the internet itself and the visuals were constructed by ABC fam Members Fuzzy Slipers and Noel Labridy. Micr.Pluto’s album is coming sooner than y’all think and it’s gonna be big. Keep your eyes on the internet!

DUCKWRTH- “13” [Music Video]

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 9.18.50 AM

Check out these psychedelic visuals for duckwrth’s brilliant track “13”. The track has a serious 90’s feel to it and sounds like it was made under the influence of some seriously good haze. Check it out!

Dir: Lino Brown
DP: Frank Paul Perez
Live Footage by Mancy
Music Prod: M.A.T.S

Check out DUCKWRTH’s interview with youth kinfolk to get a better look homeboy’s sound and influences:

Project Now – “C H U R C H” [Music Video]

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 7.19.16 PM

Check out the new video from Project Now, a new group that will definitely impress art school girls, stoner girls or any girl into Dj Shadow and black and white shit. Take quick listen to their fucking soundcloud and if your not impressed then you might actually just hate music or listen to a lot of Katy Perry or some shit (hating music and liking Katy Perry is practically the same thing). It’s ambient Hip Hop at it’s finest. Watch!

Check out their soundcloud:

Then like the fuck out of their Facebook page here