Firstly Platform bigup yourselves!

It sucks being dropped by a heavy investment with a lame excuse like.

“I read my shit’s the wrong way around or whatever”


So you know that hella dope party scheduled to be on today with MNDSGN headlining? Backed by some of the greatest beat making and braking motherfuckers that we know of in SA at the moment? We’re talking Okmalumkoolkat, Christian Tiger School, Card On Spokes, Micr.Pluto and DJ Danger Ingozi!

The one with this fucking dope ass preview vid!

Yeah, well turns out dude missed his flight and said something like

Soz I can’t make it ous, like I couldn’t read my itinerary correct or like whatever but like have jol.”

mndsgn sorry

Whatever dude, stay on the other side of the time zone. It’s not like motherfuckers already bought their tickets or non!

Moving on from the bore, a hero emerged from the Pyramids and for the same reasons Jesus turned the water into wine, he’s come to keep the party going! Yeah apparently he just called up the Platform homeys and was on some, whatever let me rock that shit tonight and they were all like yeah man you da best and naturally homey was like damn niggas get off the jock, I been running this game!

sakitumi copy

SO YES! HEADLINING TONIGHT IS MR MOTHERFUCKING SAKITUMI!! What ya’ll know! Act like you do and let’s burn Dr Pachanga and Sweatface McGee’s studio to the fucking ground!! BRING YOUR OWN LIQOUR! This shit just turned up to maximum!


IT’S ALL ABOUT MOTHERFUCKING RESPECT!! And Sakitumi has that motherfucker on lock, hands down! Let’s do this!

Bravo don’t touch it! We are pleased!

Music Without Borders presents LIVEEVIL #2 Competition

It’s competition time again kiddies! This time stand a chance to win a set of double tickets to the one the raddest events that Cape Town has to offer, MUSIC WITHOUT BORDERS. The event will take place place at the Waiting Room on the 22nd of June (Tomorrow nigga!) with Dank, Card on Spokes, Dj Radbeatz and the awe-inspiring Mr. Sakitumi and Grrl Headlining. All you cheap motherfuckers have to do is like our Facebook page and answer this simple question: “What is your weapon of choice fro the Zombie Apocalypse?. That simple. Just remember to write Zombie Apocalypse before you answer. Word Son!!

Music Without Borders:

Check out Dj RadBeatz:

“Jungle Jimmy”


Created for Mr Sakitumi by the Grrrl, aka Inka Kendzia, there’s nothing to say except this is a motherfucker dope!! Any ladies looking to make a music video for my life are most definitely welcome! Mr Sakitumi has always been on the cutting edge of dope beat making and just creating music in general and this shit is the tip of Satan’s penis that sank the Titanic! We will accept toys is anyone is making!