Firstly Platform bigup yourselves!

It sucks being dropped by a heavy investment with a lame excuse like.

“I read my shit’s the wrong way around or whatever”


So you know that hella dope party scheduled to be on today with MNDSGN headlining? Backed by some of the greatest beat making and braking motherfuckers that we know of in SA at the moment? We’re talking Okmalumkoolkat, Christian Tiger School, Card On Spokes, Micr.Pluto and DJ Danger Ingozi!

The one with this fucking dope ass preview vid!

Yeah, well turns out dude missed his flight and said something like

Soz I can’t make it ous, like I couldn’t read my itinerary correct or like whatever but like have jol.”

mndsgn sorry

Whatever dude, stay on the other side of the time zone. It’s not like motherfuckers already bought their tickets or non!

Moving on from the bore, a hero emerged from the Pyramids and for the same reasons Jesus turned the water into wine, he’s come to keep the party going! Yeah apparently he just called up the Platform homeys and was on some, whatever let me rock that shit tonight and they were all like yeah man you da best and naturally homey was like damn niggas get off the jock, I been running this game!

sakitumi copy

SO YES! HEADLINING TONIGHT IS MR MOTHERFUCKING SAKITUMI!! What ya’ll know! Act like you do and let’s burn Dr Pachanga and Sweatface McGee’s studio to the fucking ground!! BRING YOUR OWN LIQOUR! This shit just turned up to maximum!


IT’S ALL ABOUT MOTHERFUCKING RESPECT!! And Sakitumi has that motherfucker on lock, hands down! Let’s do this!

Bravo don’t touch it! We are pleased!

Micr.Pluto- “Retreat for Lost Pilgrims”


We’ve been whoring out Micr.pluto’s music harder than a broke ass pimp but homeboy is undeniably one of the most exciting local beat makers we’ve heard in a minute. Don’t believe us? Check out his latest single from his upcoming EP, Victimless Dimes. Micr.Pluto’s debut album is launching his album this month at Kitcheners, expect baggy hoodies, marijuana smoke, white people with dreadlocks and the best beats the country has to offer.

Click here for information about the launch

Micr.Pluto-“Particle Fields” [Music Video]


New music video from killer producer Micr.Pluto. The track is bigger than the internet itself and the visuals were constructed by ABC fam Members Fuzzy Slipers and Noel Labridy. Micr.Pluto’s album is coming sooner than y’all think and it’s gonna be big. Keep your eyes on the internet!

Micr.Pluto- “Galaga”


For a while in the 1980’s, Atari made most men, and teenagers, happier than cocaine and strippers. Even though we’re at the advent of the PS4 and XBox One there’s is still no better feeling than playing Milipede for hours on end, new millenium video games just don’t have the same flavour. Retro-gamer whine aside Micr.Pluto is the Duke Nukem of beats and homie’s gonna be dropping some next level shit soon. Keep your ears to the streets and your eyes on the internet.

Micr.Pluto- Victimless Dimes EP


With a recent collaboration with Sedge Werbler, producer, mc (etc. etc.) Micr.Pluto is pretty much on a hostile take over of the internet. There’s absolutely no reason for you to not cop this EP and play it for your weed smoking graffiti friends. Victimless Dimes EP will up your street cred. Enjoy!

Micr.Pluto- “Khoi Technology (Exclusive ABC cut)”


Without blatantly riding homie’s jock we must admit that Micr.Pluto might just change your life. Homie’s music is on that first drop of acid tip, you’ll just never be the same again. Dick riding aside, Mirco.Pluto is definitive proof that SA’s beat scene is winning; hopefully the Radio might replace Toyah Delazy’s lame ass with this good shit. We can only hope and pray.

We quizzed homeboy about his music, life and other important shit. Check out the interview below:

First things first, who is Micr.Pluto?

A music producer, dj and visual artist. I use music as a platform for expression and having fun when shit hits the fan, also a great portal for escapism and ignoring people.

You rap as well. Are you planning on taking the crown of being the best MC/ Producer since P.Diddy? (Jokes, fuck pap daddy).

Hahaha! Not quite, It’s never really been a crown rocking thing for me. I started off as an mc and eventually started producing my own music just for flexing creativity and got sucked in.

What’s the story behind the Factory Faultz camp?

It’s a Pretoria based collective of creative individuals pushing art and music. The camp is an amalgamation of producers, mc’ & illustrators amongst other visual art forms. Factory Faultz has been active since around 2010 and since then we’ve had numerous shows brought out a number of projects individually and collectively. Currently we are pushing “Fly Machine Sessions” around PTA and JHB which is a platform for us to run our shit. Otherwise the camp is moving forward, projects in the pipeline and all of that.
Is Pluto a planet?

…What do you think this is?

What anchors your sound?

The Snare!! haha
Well in a technical sense I would say the type of sounds I choose to fuse with my music (very distant and ambient glitchy sounds) Apart from that, very experimental jazz clips and “offishly” on beat broken drumloops.

On this project where was the inspiration drawn from?

It was drawn from a range of experiences around the art and music scenes past and present, basically being a part of the movement and being an observer at the same time. Conversations with my friends have always been fruitful in an intellectual sense. One conversation lead me to trying to express the impact of industrialization through visual art and this all got translated into music. It basically celebrates and denounces the effects of machinery and technology on society, however you choose to look at it.

What brought about the Sedge Warbler collaboration? What was the process? And when can we expect the drop?

I had worked on some tracks with Disco on some bedroom records steeze and from that we linked up with Dank and decided to work on some professional material for their upcoming album. There was quite a mutual understanding in a musical sense and so getting from the production to putting the track down was mad easy.
We expect the drop it very soon, the cats are still in studio so it will be put out once ready.

If Miles Davis and John Coltrane went head to head macking the same girl at the bar who’d come out tops?

Tough one. Different textures of smooth.
I’ll have to go with John Coltrane.

What programmes do you fuck with making beats?

I fucks with Reason 4, Fruity Loops and Ableton.

What are your top 10 inspirational albums on rotation at the moment?

Ras G_ainaT
Samiyam_Sam Baker’s Album
Bonobo_ North Borders
Lapalux _ Nostalchic
Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins_ Fascinating Fingers
The Gaslamp Killer_ Flange Face
Bibio_Silver Wilkinson
The Paradoxical State_ Dark City
Squarepusher_ Ufabulum

Biko or Malcolm X?


What’s your dream collaboration?

this is a difficult question yo
Micr.Pluto ft The Paradoxical State…

Which local artists are you feeling the most at moment?

mono_sono, SlabofMisuse, Planet Lindela, Factory Faultz, Card on Spokes.

You based both in Joburg and the Mother City, so we gotta know, Tik or Nyaope?

What can we expect from Micr.Pluto in the future?

Space parties and Trips to Pluto!

Currently working on 2 projects “Smoke Sculptures” (An instrumental project) and “Okham’s Razorblade“ (A rap project with Tribal Ludi). Apart from those, mad collaborations and shows with artists from all avenues.

Check out this is exclusive cut Micr.Pluto dropped for ABC. Enjoy!

Check out the rest of Micr.Pltuo’s soundcloud here, after you’ve wiped the tears from your eyes.