Firstly Platform bigup yourselves!

It sucks being dropped by a heavy investment with a lame excuse like.

“I read my shit’s the wrong way around or whatever”


So you know that hella dope party scheduled to be on today with MNDSGN headlining? Backed by some of the greatest beat making and braking motherfuckers that we know of in SA at the moment? We’re talking Okmalumkoolkat, Christian Tiger School, Card On Spokes, Micr.Pluto and DJ Danger Ingozi!

The one with this fucking dope ass preview vid!

Yeah, well turns out dude missed his flight and said something like

Soz I can’t make it ous, like I couldn’t read my itinerary correct or like whatever but like have jol.”

mndsgn sorry

Whatever dude, stay on the other side of the time zone. It’s not like motherfuckers already bought their tickets or non!

Moving on from the bore, a hero emerged from the Pyramids and for the same reasons Jesus turned the water into wine, he’s come to keep the party going! Yeah apparently he just called up the Platform homeys and was on some, whatever let me rock that shit tonight and they were all like yeah man you da best and naturally homey was like damn niggas get off the jock, I been running this game!

sakitumi copy

SO YES! HEADLINING TONIGHT IS MR MOTHERFUCKING SAKITUMI!! What ya’ll know! Act like you do and let’s burn Dr Pachanga and Sweatface McGee’s studio to the fucking ground!! BRING YOUR OWN LIQOUR! This shit just turned up to maximum!


IT’S ALL ABOUT MOTHERFUCKING RESPECT!! And Sakitumi has that motherfucker on lock, hands down! Let’s do this!

Bravo don’t touch it! We are pleased!

Young Fathers Interview

Scottish outfit Young Fathers gave us the time of day and dropped a little science on our heads! They were at SXSW with local homeys Petite Noir and Christian Tiger School and are currently touring the great white north with non other than Baths! Buy the album DEAD! Now read!

Camera look

Camera look

ABC: What is the hip-hop scene in Scotland? Do you think your guys are helping get Scotland on the map?

We’re not sure about the hip-hop scene in Scotland – we’re not part of it.  Scotland as a hip-hop place is irrelevant – it’s always just about the individual artists.

ABC: You guys have gained quite a name internationally do you think global audiences enjoy your music more that the audience back home?

Nah, it’s the same.  They seem to enjoy it the same – same grins, same looks of awe and wonder, same offers of sex and illicit drugs after the shows, same idiots and same saints – people are the same all over but somehow, we all manage to be individuals.

ABC: Where is your favourite place to perform?

A:  on a comfy bed…  (Imagine said with a voice half an octave lower than usual)
…intimate places, the more condensed the better.

ABC: Intimate gigs or festivals?

Intimate gig, always.

ABC: How different is DEAD to Tape One and Tape Two which feel like one big piece of work split into two?

It went somewhere else.  Started from the same place though.

ABC: Based on your background in the Scottish Hip Hop scene. Do you guys consider yourselves to be a Hip Hop outfit?

We don’t have a background in the Scottish hip-hop scene.

That's a dumb question

That’s a dumb question

However, we are hip-hop and we are pop and we are something entirely else.

ABC: What else has influenced your sound?

South African township/Christian radio in the States/Shangaan/New Orleans funeral marches (second Line)/drum and fife bands/dub and Phil Spector.

ABC:  As a record label, Anticon seems like the perfect fit for the Young Father’s experimental sound. How did that relationship come about?

It was all done online, conceived and consummated.We were the Russian bride to the lonely middle aged American. Before we knew it we had a virtual Green Card and were on our way to Texas.

ABC: How has label backing changed the way you approach music?

Well we used to approach from the south, but since we have label backing we sneak up from the west, although it depends somewhat on which way the wind is blowing.  If there’s a money breeze we tend to have more success, although it’s not guaranteed. Sometimes, the arid, dry, still days make the best noises.

ABC: We’re really big fans of beans any chance we’ll see a young fathers/ beans collabo?

Not in the immediate future. We don’t collab…

ABC: Alloysious and Kayus, How much do your Africa backgrounds influence your music?

K:  I am constantly reminded of my background by my momma and my sister speaking Yoruba in the house. ..  A (interrupting)  It’s just in me and I can call upon it when when needed.  …K:  yes, it’s in me, I can’t escape it.  It’s given to me to do whatever I want.

ABC: Are there any South African musicians that you’re aware of or enjoy listen to?

Professor and Bricks
Tshetsha Boys

ABC: If you had to predict, which acts do you think will blow up in 2014?


ABC: What are you guys currently into?

William Oyeabor
LAW Holt

ABC: The “dead album” has a cleaner sound to your previous recordings, is there a mission that you’re on that we should know about?

No mission, we have just distracted you from the dirt with our gleaming bass lines and shiny shiny words.Now look over there…

ABC: What are the most annoying comparisons you’ve received as a band?

Super lazy comparisons because we are black and white… look deeper.

ABC: How often do you find your music getting taken out of context? What is the context?

The context is created by the music, so if you hear our music, you hear it in context.

ABC: Do you see yourselves getting pressurised into molding the outfit to become a particular kind of aesthetic for people to buy?

That’s why we are with Anticon and Big Dada – they give us enough rope and keep us hungry enough so that we don’t hang but manage to choke out original sounds.



ABC: Have there been those dangers or experiences already?

Perhaps in our past but they are long gone. We are big fuckers now and we make our own decisions if that’s alright with you.

ABC: Occupying the experimental space that you currently do, what have the weirdest requests been from the industry? 

The industry tends to ignore us… we probably have weirder requests of the industry actually.

ABC: You kinda seem to be musical only childs at the moment, anyone on a similar vibe that you’re trying to fuck with, or that we should be aware of?

We are not just only children we are a family of orphans, us and LAW.

ABC: What are you guys looking forward to this year and what can we look forward to?

Touring big ole America, and when it’s over so we can look and see where we are – essentially the view from the next hill.  And you can look forward to the near-ish future where our latest thing already sounds old to us.  Get it quick, it’s already moving on…

ABC: If each of you could choose one person to battle who would it be and what would be your weapon of choice, musical or otherwise?

K:  maself
G:  we batter each other
A:  my shadow

ABC: Batman: Fascist or benevolent billionaire?

Batman is a generous philanthropist with an ab mask.

ABC: Out of 99 problems, what’s the most important one?

The one that makes it 100.



Christian Tiger School x Bilal X World’s Fair- “Spanish Robin Williams”


Christian Tiger School are officially more international than a Playstation 3 right now. Take a listen to their collab with NY rap crew World’s Fair and Bilal, which they did for Okayafrica. The song has the sexiest bass progression of 2013, improving your chances of getting laid this december. Be sure to add this to your iTunes playlist. Enjoy!

Also if anyone knows who or what Spanish Robin Williams is, let us know. Shit sounds hella porno.

The Gravy Crew- “*Gravy 001”


Gravy Crew, The Avengers team of South Africa’s electronic scene, just dropped the best thing you’ll hear all year, *Gravy 001. Hear the freshest cuts from the likes of Liver, Card on Spokes, Dank, Slabofmisuse, Sibot, Ol’tak, Richard the Third, Narch, RVWR, Christian Tiger School and Mr. Sakitumi. This set is the creamiest buttery biscuit out there, enjoy motherfuckers!

“Rising Phoenix Magic Bus Tour Promo”


Bateleur, Christian Tiger School and The Frown have been on a “fuckshit-up-tour” for the past week, wetting panties and blowing minds in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Durban. The homies are finally making their way back to CPT for the last show tonight at Assembly. Fuck University, working or raising your kids, coming to this show is the smartest thing you will ever do in your life. Check out this little promo video to get a little more insight of what to expect tonight

The gig tonight also features Aztec Sapphire, Dj Samoosa, Knotts and Desert Head. Check out the Event page here for more details.