Firstly Platform bigup yourselves!

It sucks being dropped by a heavy investment with a lame excuse like.

“I read my shit’s the wrong way around or whatever”


So you know that hella dope party scheduled to be on today with MNDSGN headlining? Backed by some of the greatest beat making and braking motherfuckers that we know of in SA at the moment? We’re talking Okmalumkoolkat, Christian Tiger School, Card On Spokes, Micr.Pluto and DJ Danger Ingozi!

The one with this fucking dope ass preview vid!

Yeah, well turns out dude missed his flight and said something like

Soz I can’t make it ous, like I couldn’t read my itinerary correct or like whatever but like have jol.”

mndsgn sorry

Whatever dude, stay on the other side of the time zone. It’s not like motherfuckers already bought their tickets or non!

Moving on from the bore, a hero emerged from the Pyramids and for the same reasons Jesus turned the water into wine, he’s come to keep the party going! Yeah apparently he just called up the Platform homeys and was on some, whatever let me rock that shit tonight and they were all like yeah man you da best and naturally homey was like damn niggas get off the jock, I been running this game!

sakitumi copy

SO YES! HEADLINING TONIGHT IS MR MOTHERFUCKING SAKITUMI!! What ya’ll know! Act like you do and let’s burn Dr Pachanga and Sweatface McGee’s studio to the fucking ground!! BRING YOUR OWN LIQOUR! This shit just turned up to maximum!


IT’S ALL ABOUT MOTHERFUCKING RESPECT!! And Sakitumi has that motherfucker on lock, hands down! Let’s do this!

Bravo don’t touch it! We are pleased!

The Gravy Crew- “*Gravy 001”


Gravy Crew, The Avengers team of South Africa’s electronic scene, just dropped the best thing you’ll hear all year, *Gravy 001. Hear the freshest cuts from the likes of Liver, Card on Spokes, Dank, Slabofmisuse, Sibot, Ol’tak, Richard the Third, Narch, RVWR, Christian Tiger School and Mr. Sakitumi. This set is the creamiest buttery biscuit out there, enjoy motherfuckers!

Paul Mauriat- Melancholy Man (Dank Refix)


This song wil bitch slap the fuck out of your ears!!! It’s like listening to a bouncer fight a drunk dude in the club. This is the soundtrack for Chris Brown and Rihanna’s arguments…this shit is hard! Go Dank GO!!

This is Dank’s entry to a remix competition held by the latest and the greatest Hip Hop event in Cape Town Button Bashers.

Check out their Soundcloud and listen to the other remixes from the most top quality motherfuckers with computers and studio equipment.

Card On Spokes- “Enter”


2013 is the year of the snake; personally I have no fucking clue what that means. All I know is that Myspace is back, Lance Armstrong admitted to taking dope (Surprise bitches!) and Card on Spokes is releasing a new EP mad soon. Listen to his latest, downloadable, track. It’s all trap and shit!

Card On Spokes “Disguises” [Official Video]

Card on Spokes is without a doubt one of our fucking favourite local producers. Check out his new video/track “Disguises” it’s all like “Net Blankes” Cape Town meets an Alfred Hitchcock movie. It’s dope!

Sibot, mixed and mastered the song so that’s like added butter to a really warm, creamy scone and shit. Butter on Butter!

Alpha Longboards- “Board Games”

Check out this rad video which takes a look into the workings of Cape Town based Long Board Company Alpha Longboards. These guys make pretty amazing handcrafted boards and their passion for their craft is something to be admired. Oh yeah, the video also features super cool cameos from our homegrrl Ilham Rawoot and everybody’s (second) favourite South African Desmond Tutu. Check it out!