Keep In Touch Video Just Dropped!

Yoh! so not so long ago I tried to figure out if Dope Saint Jude was part of the mythological Illuminati presence in the music industry.

In conclusion it was summed that while South Africa had been through maximum levels of cultural manipulation in the past- this artist was definitely only guilty of the production of relative cultural material.

Today the Keep In Touch music video dropped featuring Angel-Ho.

kit 1Now I do believe these people deserve to have their own cult following about now. The video consists of everything from Cape Town fashions, the legitimizing of Kaapse Taal-
kit 4
-sequenced dances, including a easy-to-follow themed move- Vouge In The Morning baby
kit 9

There’s forms and artifacts that represent the Capetonian lifestyle, culture/counter-culture- in every scene, which means deez tingz are getting elevated to levels of artistic documentation. AND its being illustrated and performed for your enjoyment and viewing participation. Don’t be passive about how accessible this is! Keep the fuck in touch! For real though..

S/O to Angel-Ho and Dope Saint Jude for having so much vibe and flare!! You guys teach us things!!
kit 7
kit 6Don’t get left behind peep-holes!

Alcohol, Blunts & Coke Mix

DRUGS DRUGS DRUGS that can be the only explanation for the reason people follow this blog. With the amount of shit talk that goes on here, it’s a wonder we weren’t the first people to have been dung slinging in Cape Town.


Second week of work, we were always gana have to incentivise you motherfuckers to stay in those seats! Maramza has come to your rescue! This man is proof that real Ninjas don’t rap! He opens the food gates with JBS spins us through remixes that will have Monday face existential crisis over what day it is! IYOH! uRichard Rumney uyathakatha nkosi!!! (Deejay Maramza practices witch craft god)Learn vernacular motherfuckers!!

Slabofmisuse- We Float Reality


Cape Town producer Slabofmisue is seriously on his ups. Homeboy has been making hipsters and heads alike bop to his futuristic beats which are a perfect accompaniment to most weed smoking sessions and long drives through the city. Take a listen to his latest EP, We Float Reality dropping on DRK&LVLY records. The EP willbe available for free download for next week. So keep your bandwidth up and your ears to the streets. Enjoy!!

Julie-anne Pocock- Fine By Design

We really are

We really are

It’s sad being stuck in the friend zone with a girl so hot that every guy around you unashamedly slobbers over her when she’s standing next to you. God didn’t forget about the Eastern Cape, he sent Cape Town it’s hottest refugee. Julie-anne is next level punch me in the face, marriage proposal, willingly face castration hot. We wanna write a thousand word post about her features. But annoyingly she’s also greatly talented!! She’s an insane photographer and is nice with the words too. She’s worked with us on a couple projects, including the Voicetag music video. She’s also exported her talents abroad and is about to change the whole advertising game! She shot an interview with King Adz last year here’s the reminder if you forgot.

So here’s a couple links to her work and blog to make sure you know that she’s not just C4 on legs.

Substance first then beauty! Now enjoy the images about to roll, got a feeling you might be stuck on em a while, it’s only fitting that we provide the perfect soundtrack for your time here. This goes out to Our Julie!

Mykki Blanco Raps Ru Paul!

I don’t if Frank Ocean opened the flood fates for motherfuckers to openly flaunt their sexuality but this motherfucker is take shit to the next! It seems rap just got themselves a ┬áRuPaul and homey drops bars hard fucking the beat up! Something tells me homey could easily lay a dude on the floor! Be afraid! This guy’s booked his flight to Cape Town! Enjoy the joint it’s fucking hard! Shout out to Mike Laws for the put on!!