DVNGLEz – Prosper EP | Free Release


Prosper EP

Prosper EP

Because ya’ll are the best for being patient enough for our sporadic posts we’ve decided to put ya’ll on to some bass to twist your wigs the week. From the same producer who brought you that Coltrane Sentimental Mood on 808’s DVNGLEz, here’s a free 5 track EP. This is that Lucifer twerking on Nicki’s booty type of head get mashed in type shits!


Those YOH motherfuckers are back in Jozi and hosting another party tomorrow. So there’s a chance you might win yourselves some guestlist for the party if you only follow the following easy followings or like you know… Whatever…

Ian Jespson made the cake so you best know that!

Ian Jespson made the cake so you best know that!

Poster sharing competition:

Johannesburg, win guest list +3 for our party this Saturday!


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Poster by Ian Jepson

Dope Saint Jude

If you’ve ever wanted real talk here it is! Cape Town is getting reclaimed! Spit fire Saint Jude!

You aint ready

You aint ready

“While you fight I’m out of sight/ flipping shit and getting witches/ and I’ve got five boys and they’re all my side bitches!”

It’s about fucking time that we had someone with new shit to say decide to drop bricks to fuck up our heads! Dope Saint Jude without a doubt has bars to make vanilla melt into a colourless mess unable to face the heat from the Sun! She’s introducing a new paradigm and updating the outlook on how we digest shit! She’s not competing, so there is no competition! Hold tight to this beat that she made herself and listen to her drop gems to twist your wig back and wonder if your world view is indeed in need of updating!

Shit is changing! And it can’t! Won’t! Don’t! Stop! Hold your head for the Golden Ration video!

HEAD BANGER ON A WED -Rustie – Attak ft. Danny Brown

“I think when I first heard the XX and the XXX, albums I just kind of got a vibe off his character and the sound of his voice and he’s a bit different from your usual rappers,” Rustie speaking to MTV

Well no shit he’s different to usual rappers bruh bruh! This motherfucker eats tracks in his sleep before regurgitating them for breakfast!

But Hot Damn did you get you get the colab right! Those aren’t bass kicks though! Their straight up neo-nazi, jaw breaking, teeth shattering curb stomps!

Scotland meets Detroit Gap Tooth unfuckable Rapper

With those indelible high pitched sword splitting rhyme schemes, this joint has to be one of the hottest motherfuckers out there right now!

If this is just a taste of what we’re meant to expect from Rustie’s album Green Language, set to drop August 26,then people best get ready for the upcoming bass apocalypse cause it seems this motherfucker is seeking to go ethnic cleanse on all fake listeners. Elbows up at your desk and tell your boss to shut the fuck up and screw up their face at this… DROP!