Thor Rixon goes naked for our health

Thor Rixon has already made an incredible mark on the Cape Town music scene. This is partly due to his unique and growing musical abilities as a producer, solo artist and performer, and also because of his inclination to work with other talented artists, such as Amy Lester (featured in music video), Umlilo (Siya Ngcobo also featured in music video), Card On SpokesNonku Phiri, Push-Push, Okmalumkoolkat, and many, many others.

Together these artists are forging an emergent creativity on the SA music scene that is often exercised through the visual force of music videos.

In his latest release Fuk bread which has was just dropped this morning, Thor is surrounded by fellow creative’s in a ceremony that spans the entire music video.

FB edit

The song is a very literal ode to health, with lyrics like, “Don’t use the microwave, use the oven instead”, “Don’t use margarine use the butter instead.” These along with many other healthy cooking suggestions and advice, are offered as solutions to a very chilling reality- “We kill ourselves day by day.” Thus we must, “Mature the palate and leave the sweets behind” as “This vessel we occupy is fragile.”

The song is about food sacrifice (through abstinence from unhealthy indulgence) for the sake of a healthier lifestyle. Which I personally find a refreshing twist to the prevalent conception of food sacrifice (through death of other creatures) as a necessity for human advancement.

In a dramatic display of putting one’s ‘money where their mouth is’, Thor has his signature beard and dreadlocks shaved off.

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This ofcourse adds much intensity to the meaning of the words, and aligns this artist with his work in a very profound manner. Out from the ashes, or hair or whatever, emerges the new Thor (whose facial structure we are getting to see for the first time via a music video).

The intensity of the music video event and message are made playful and celebratory through some very edgy moves offered by the funky protagonist in his artificial birthday suit, and his trustee back-up vibe partners.

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The alternative electronic music scene in SA has long been a well of creative activity for the masses, and witnessing an artist willing to ‘make sacrifices’ for the sake of art is quite reassuring. And just in case you were doubting the dedication to the cause (maybe he needed to cut his hair for a new job anyway) -SPOILER ALERT- he tattoos Fuk bread to the back of his head at the end #4eva4lyf

Keep In Touch Video Just Dropped!

Yoh! so not so long ago I tried to figure out if Dope Saint Jude was part of the mythological Illuminati presence in the music industry.

In conclusion it was summed that while South Africa had been through maximum levels of cultural manipulation in the past- this artist was definitely only guilty of the production of relative cultural material.

Today the Keep In Touch music video dropped featuring Angel-Ho.

kit 1Now I do believe these people deserve to have their own cult following about now. The video consists of everything from Cape Town fashions, the legitimizing of Kaapse Taal-
kit 4
-sequenced dances, including a easy-to-follow themed move- Vouge In The Morning baby
kit 9

There’s forms and artifacts that represent the Capetonian lifestyle, culture/counter-culture- in every scene, which means deez tingz are getting elevated to levels of artistic documentation. AND its being illustrated and performed for your enjoyment and viewing participation. Don’t be passive about how accessible this is! Keep the fuck in touch! For real though..

S/O to Angel-Ho and Dope Saint Jude for having so much vibe and flare!! You guys teach us things!!
kit 7
kit 6Don’t get left behind peep-holes!

Flatbush Zombies x Trash talk

NY cities most exciting rap trio Flatbush Zombies and hardcore punk band from Sacramento, California Trashtalk got together to create what has been the doppest music video we’ve seen this year!

The video for “97.92,” the result of collaboration between Aplusfilmz and Pier Pictures, was created using a 360-degree HD camera rig with a remote-controlled drone octo-copter. The device is the H3Pro7, invented by Michael Kintner, which shoots with 7 GoPro cameras all rolling simultaneously. The 7 shots are synced and stitched together to create the full-360 spherical view, which can then be manipulated with the effects and camera movements you see here.

The track and the music video just KILLS araararagh!



The Fly Machine Sessions

Check out the Fly Machine Sessions this Saturday @ Cherry Lane, cnr Marshall and Auret Str, Jeppestown (around Maboneng Precinct sides)


The Fly Machine Sessions is a movement bringing experimental music to the South African doorstep, we are hear to provide a unique extra-sensory experience to the strange at heart and the like minded enthusiasts of all things underground. The audiotainment of the evening ranges from psychadelic rock and acid jazz to hiphoptronica and tropical bass music, presenting the audience with a voyage through unexplored realms of time space and sound. The collective hails from all sides of Gauteng and will be banging on the block from 2pm till late!

Also expect two free CD’s upon entry mixed by Kool One Ebony and Blue Buttons. The damage is 30 bones so dont come broke!

If your looking to hear some good music and have a nice afternoon to evening drink/boogy session pull through. Also Cherry lane used to be a strip club and has since turned a new leaf, but if your pimp games on point who knows playa!??




Astro Zu- “On and On” (Fever Trails Remix)


Aight so, Fever Trails is Cape Town based musician Nicolaas Van Reenen. Nicolaas makes music that will make you feel cool around people hipper which you can also play for your moms. Soon, very soon, Nic is gonna be famous mainly because he deserves to be. Listen to his remix of Astru Zu’s new tune “On and On”, it’ll make your day.