Fine By Design – Serisha Letchmiah

At least once a year we need to take a pause, breathe, take a step back and recognise the work of whatever metaphysical forces have conspired to come together and work on what could be considered close to perfection in the assembly of the human body face and brains. In other words we just really wanna shout out one of the flyest woman out on these here Jozi streets for almost reaching Goddess levels of heat! To be honest we wire our jaws shut when we’re around, for fear of getting knocked out by that vegetarian and close ABC affiliate Women Who Kill!

Smiles upon our hearts we have. *Sigh

Alcohol, Blunts & Coke Mix

DRUGS DRUGS DRUGS that can be the only explanation for the reason people follow this blog. With the amount of shit talk that goes on here, it’s a wonder we weren’t the first people to have been dung slinging in Cape Town.


Second week of work, we were always gana have to incentivise you motherfuckers to stay in those seats! Maramza has come to your rescue! This man is proof that real Ninjas don’t rap! He opens the food gates with JBS spins us through remixes that will have Monday face existential crisis over what day it is! IYOH! uRichard Rumney uyathakatha nkosi!!! (Deejay Maramza practices witch craft god)Learn vernacular motherfuckers!!

Oh! Dark Arrow


Bat to the Face

Oh! Dark! Fucking Arrow! You motherfuckers aint ever gana be prepared! People are about to stop playing and leave the game to that Manic Man Disco Izrael Dark Arrow fuck! Does this guy look scared of anything? With pictures like this on the net it’s glaringly obvious that this guy has no fears of being klapped by his mother! So what do you think he’s gana do to you?


This guy has dude’s who only start rapping on the 50th bar on this upcoming album. He’s also got Desert Head featuring on the motherfucker, as well as a technical colab with Dank.  But you woulnd’t know that, you’re just seeing this Homey’s brain working in slow motion, while constantly trying to take a bat to the head! He setup his camera, took a burst of photo’s, edited the motherfuckers and played around with some of his favourite imagery his collected for some time.Expect darkness! Expect dinosaurs chewing on their own teeth!! Expect God going to Church! Expect rap music for fucking days! Wait till the 8th of july!

“Now usually I don’t do this, but… go ahead, keep the party going.” Jesus.

Fela sterring of the week!!

Fela Anikulapo Kuti is our sterring of the week,above is a clip from his documentary showing Fela at band rehearsal in nothing but his underwear. Fela was born in Abeokuta, Nigeria in 1938, was a singer-composer, trumpet, sax and keyboard player.Also both bandleader and politician. Kuti was one of Africa’s most controversial musicians and throughout his life he continued to fight for the rights of the common man (and woman) despite vilification, harassment, and even imprisonment by the government of Nigeria. Notorious for his wild expeditions with the women folk of the land.He also sang about colonialism and its effects and preached Pan Africanism threw his music.

Kuti was the the innovator of a new sound which was to be known as Afro beat in the 70’s. Even after many threats from the state Fela continued his outspoken attacks on the Nigerian government. When the people returned to power in 1979, Kuti began his own political party – MOP (Movement of the People) which was a bit wild for musicians at the time. The military returned to power in 1983 and within the year Kuti was sentenced to five years in prison on a spurious currency smuggling charge. He was released in 1986 after yet another change of government.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti died on Saturday, August 2, 1997, at 4pm (local time) in Lagos, Fela died from complications due to AIDS. As Fela’s brother, Olikoye Ransome Kuti, said at a news conference.Damn the plague get’s another one of our best…..

It dont get realer than this cat,I’m seriously thinking of naming my first son after the man!!

or gouge your eyes out…thank the lord the 70’s are over….


This weeks Sterring was a toss up between Jean Claude Van Damme and Bolo Yeung. After much deliberation there could only be one. Bolo! Even Van Damme had to admit it by riding the jock in this video. We know that in real life Van Damme’s number one move of doing the splits would never save him from the fiery fists of Bolo Yeung!

and now for the action that Bolo has given us over the years

If you don’t know, now you know black person.

keep it PC kids

Danielle Hitchcock

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Danielle Hitchcock is that girl who just looks like she’s having more fun than everyone in the party, not cause of intoxicants or anything,  but rather cause she’s better  than you at everything you do, which includes having a good time. Slapping girls in the club makes sense as to why she’s the only female member of the cool surf rock band Beach Party. Danielle encompasses all the best elements of the nineties and will take you back to your early crushes on Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone. Her musical talents are only complemented by her knack for things film and she will surely be a force to be reckoned with. So watch out for this little lady and prepare yourself for her awesomeness.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard

It’a all in the name. What other real life person have you heard of making a career off being a grimy motherfucker like ODB? A millionaire still rolling up to the welfare offices to collect his check. “Got mills in the bank account, but still grill that good ol’ welfare cheese!”. 13 kids, who know’s how many arrests, a crazy crack habit, a mugshot from prison that made him look like he was cleaner and healthier in there and dirt Mcgert was still a super star and hero to the likes of us. ABC Salutes the ODB “Bitch you better give me my money!”