BATB 7 – Shane O’Neill vs. Cody Cepeda (25.05.2014)

All protocol observed it is a bit of a bitch nigga move to be posting Berrics games and we acknowledge that for the real! but Goddamn Cody Cepeda just outgamed Shane O’Neill with no fucks given! What the fuck kind of demon worshiping child of Hades can pull a fucking nollie inward 180 heelflip out of his fucking ass?! Also we all know that switch nollie flips don’t exist as real tricks! They only happen on the X-box!


Omphile Bogatsu Tribute

The natural inclination we have, to deem death unnatural, is probably one of the most unnerving things about life. We’re left sort of bewildered as if with out cause or direction, when mortality stares us blankly in the face. Today we say goodbye to a soldier on the front line of reshaping the identity of SA skateboarding and a teacher whose humility inspired those around him.

City of Johannesburg from Reprobait Magazine on Vimeo.

Stand Tall

Stand Tall

The importance of this brother film maker, may be lost to a lot but not to us. Omphs was at the vanguard of creating new personas in the SA skate community. His videos are a simple reflection of that. The streets of Jozi were claimed, reframed and presented to a growing new audience. Finally access to skaters in SA doing it for themselves and by themselves.

Kanya Spani clip, edited by Omphile:

Kanya Spani from Reprobait Magazine on Vimeo.



An active community member this dude was building out in the West Rand so motherfuckers had a spot to skate. It’s hard not to be reduced to platitudes in the wake of this loss.

Fisheye view

Fisheye view

Not much more can be said but peace to you Omphile.



Moses Slays All – MSA


Santiago better watch the fuck out! He doesn’t know that out here we’re lions ready to eat up the next group of settlers trying to swapsies us with a bible for land! Manny might get substituted for Moses and then what?! SA will own this skate shit! Can we take a moment to recognise this mans’ technical skills! I mean the nollie flip to crooked down the hand rail is absolutely disgusting! Anyway Thanks for putting South African’s on blast Manny but you just might have to move over son! We have tribalist tendencies when it comes to conquering this globe shit!

The Tech Session 2013 Skate Competition [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 12.22.34 PM

Whoo! Now these niggas are precise as fuck. Goddamn scientists on the decks. Homeboy Khulu Dlamini shines; kicking ass and taking names! You know whatsup. Check it out:

Peace to Jean-Marc Johannes, Zac Kruyer and Matthew Lesch

Welcome Gavin Adams To Funisu

the harder the flip

So word on the street is that Moses has been given a call by The Berra hisself to fly out and have a battle at the Berrics. Say word!! So we tilt our fucking hats and give the gentlemen’s clap to the homey. Also homey just joined the Funisu skate team! Say motherfucking word again! Now let him show you the reason his technical skill has gotten the attention of Steve inviting him out to play.