Mount Kimbie -“You Took Your Time” Ft. King Krule

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At eighteen King Krule is easily the saddest nigga in the game for reals. Homeboy is more emotional than an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. That being said his music is pretty incredible. Listen to the latest cut from the up coming Mount Kimbie release featuring Archy Marshall aka King Krule.

Also click here check out Arcy Marshall’s rap persona, Edgar The Beatmaker to check out homeboy on his rap ting.

Dave Kinsey

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If you dont already know of Dave Kinsey’s works we would then love to introduce you to his wonderful world of stone faces and beautiful brush strokes! Originally from Pittsburg USA,Dave now works as full time painter and designer in California and also runs his own gallery space called  BLK/MARKT.He has been a big inspiration and played a big role in alot of the urban art scene since 1994 and till this very day he continues to innovate and grow in his work.Many of his paintings seem to either be moving at light speed or sitting as still as a statue in an abandoned city.Dramatic and empty.

No more crying check out his shit AaarGGH!

Baka: Beanz

An interview with our Artist for the month who also happens to be a homie working on an llustration for the site. Nepotism isn’t solely reserved for government.

Face for Fame!

ABC : Who are you and where are your from?

I am Baka:Beans and I come from millions of years of trial and error.

ABC: What kind of art do you make and why do you make it?

I don’t really know what kind it is. I just feel the need to do it. I’m always experimenting with new ways of creating. It makes me feel alive.

ABC: What got you into what you do and who and what are your influences?

I started doing what I do because I could find purpose in my imagination. So much influences me. Everything and anything I can absorb through the gift of the senses.

ABC: How do you feel about the graffiti or street art scene in Ape Town and the rest of South Africa?

It’s a species of its own. Theres always room to grow.

ABC: What have been the best or worst reactions to your work?

Some people say ‘wow’, some people say ‘gross’. People having varied opinions is inevitable. I carry on regardless.

ABC: What was or is your favourite drinking hole in this city?

There are a lot of ponds and water sources in Cape Town to quench your horse’s thirst whilst on your journey. Some even have atmosphere. Bonus.

ABC: What should we be looking out for from BAKA in the near future?Exhibitions,projects or any places we can find your work?

You’re just going to have to keep an eye and ear out. I’m productive. I progress each day. I won’t ever stop. There is plenty in the works. I’ve only just begun letting the cat out the bag.

ABC: Words of wisdom?

Always maintain eye contact with yourself and keep dreaming.

Jake’s Tomb

Jake likes playing with pictures

“And for the right price he could even make your shit tighter.”- Mad Skill

Walk with Andile

It Could Happen To You

 “Eish son! Black boy’s greatest fear! Going back to poverty” Nolan Dennis

It could happen to you. Jabu Pule was a world acclaimed soccer player and one of Bafana’s brightest stars. The man with dizzying footwork and a habit to turn around his opponents and have them searching for a ball stuck at his feet. The man was magic to watch play and was accordingly nicknamed Shuffle.

However off the field he had a completely different name. Fueled with Mellow Wood brandy, from Shuffle he became Drunken Master when stadium lights shut down. This guy was given the opportunity to play for major overseas leagues and afforded a salary that would ensure he wouldn’t have to pitch up to practice via taxi (unlike some of our local league players). But… he was sidetracked by one thing: I’spinza or liquor.

Now alcoholics aren’t that funny as people. But when they’re sports stars and allow their lack of class and foresight ruin them; well… it is a little funny. This guy allowed the pursuit of Mellow Wood to ruin a perfectly paved career and is now rumoured to be living with his grandmother; without a car or cellphone. Hau, Jabu! Vuka ndoda!

Image sponsored by Karabo Makenna

May Andile guide you home.