BATB 7 – Shane O’Neill vs. Cody Cepeda (25.05.2014)

All protocol observed it is a bit of a bitch nigga move to be posting Berrics games and we acknowledge that for the real! but Goddamn Cody Cepeda just outgamed Shane O’Neill with no fucks given! What the fuck kind of demon worshiping child of Hades can pull a fucking nollie inward 180 heelflip out of his fucking ass?! Also we all know that switch nollie flips don’t exist as real tricks! They only happen on the X-box!


Omphile Bogatsu Tribute

The natural inclination we have, to deem death unnatural, is probably one of the most unnerving things about life. We’re left sort of bewildered as if with out cause or direction, when mortality stares us blankly in the face. Today we say goodbye to a soldier on the front line of reshaping the identity of SA skateboarding and a teacher whose humility inspired those around him.

City of Johannesburg from Reprobait Magazine on Vimeo.

Stand Tall

Stand Tall

The importance of this brother film maker, may be lost to a lot but not to us. Omphs was at the vanguard of creating new personas in the SA skate community. His videos are a simple reflection of that. The streets of Jozi were claimed, reframed and presented to a growing new audience. Finally access to skaters in SA doing it for themselves and by themselves.

Kanya Spani clip, edited by Omphile:

Kanya Spani from Reprobait Magazine on Vimeo.



An active community member this dude was building out in the West Rand so motherfuckers had a spot to skate. It’s hard not to be reduced to platitudes in the wake of this loss.

Fisheye view

Fisheye view

Not much more can be said but peace to you Omphile.



KOOL AD is the best rapper in the world!

So it’s officially official Victor Vasquez the best rapper with glasses next to E-40 is a fucking mad man! Our second realisation is that KOOL AD is the best rapper in the world! Yes KOOL AD is the best rapper in the world! Our close ABC affiliate and New York correspondent, Robin Scher,  caught a show and a picture with rap music’s favourite jelly-brain and pop culture encyclopedic rapper! This is what went down!

Two of the best rappers in the world.

Two of the best rappers in the world.

Disclaimer: a show, defying convention at every turn, demands a complementary attempt at writing about it.

Victor Vasquez, in beard and beanie, walks on stage holding a walkman and cassette.

“We couldn’t afford to fly my DJ out,” he tells us. “We’re going to just try this out.”

Pressing play, the smoothest of beats emerge.

For the next five minutes we all kind of just stand together in this dingy hole of a club, listening along.

“Oh man, this is best the part guys.”

No rap, as of yet.

“THIS IS NO ORDINARY LOVE, ORDINARY LOVE. Isn’t this the best chorus?” He rhetorically asks, before encouraging everyone to join in. “ORDINARY LOVE.”

One way to get a crowd to sing along almost immediately at a show: play Sade.

“Someone remind me of one of my songs. The more of them I make, the harder it is to remember them all.”

“Manny Pacquiao!” Comes the call from an enthusiastic young brunette standing up close.

Finally, a little rap (not too much though) and dance moves which include playing air drums and laying belly-down on a drum stool doing breaststroke.

The song ends. What next? A mixtape perhaps? Some beats from one of KOOL AD’s actual songs?

No, just Sade. More precisely, the entirety of the album that launched a thousand sperm: the 1992 classic ‘Love Deluxe’.

here’s a template you can apply to  the rest of the show (and recreate your very own performance at home):

Step 1.

Play the rest of the tracks on ‘Love Deluxe’

Step 2.

Sporadically select verses from KOOL AD tracks and play them concurrently (it’s ok to repeat the same verse twice because “you think you forgot some of the lines the first time you sang it”)

Step 3.

Repeat the following not-so subliminal mantra:

“KOOL AD is the best rapper in the world, KOOL AD is the best rapper in the world”


Oh! Dark Arrow- Secret Ghost (Music Video)

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 10.22.57 AM

Oh! Dark Arrow is back with some motherfucking creeped out animations for his latest track “Secret Ghost”. Produced by Naasfilms, the music video is pretty much a apocalyptic acid trip, with wolves. Enjoy!

Video Credits:
Director – Jas Miszewski
Illustrator – Mike Sherman
Animator – Niall Rixon
Editor – Jas Miszewski
Producer – Celine Cripps
Executive Producer – Thor Rixon

Dj Danger Ingozi- “Activate: /Hyper_Paradise Mixtape


In preparation for the biggest party in greater Gauteng, “Below The Bassline” , our favourite Dj at the moment Dj Danger Ingozi has dropped a banging mix to get you through your Tuesday.

More about Below The Bassline:

Below The Bassline is a night dedicated to the future of BASS & DUB music in South Africa.

After the hot and heavy underground sweat of Style vs Sound with partners Style v/s Fashion and DJ Zharp Zharp (Okmalumkoolkat) and being involved in hosting international acts like Mala, Kode9, Swindle, Cid Rim & The Clonious, Scratcha DVA, LV as well as local favourites Funafuji, Ish, Dirty Paraffin and Richard The Third, Broaden A New Sound & DJ Danger Ingozi bring you the future sounds of Bass music with a healthy dollop of Dub & Roots music at its soul.

We showcase only the freshest, most forward thinking sounds, delving deep into the underground to find the freshest productions and most interesting sounds…

Future Funkizm / Township Funky / Highlife Hypie / Garage / Hou$e / Afro Booty Musique / Tribalismo Dança Especial / Rudeboy Skank / Dub / B▲SS

Click here for more about the event.

Young Fathers Interview

Scottish outfit Young Fathers gave us the time of day and dropped a little science on our heads! They were at SXSW with local homeys Petite Noir and Christian Tiger School and are currently touring the great white north with non other than Baths! Buy the album DEAD! Now read!

Camera look

Camera look

ABC: What is the hip-hop scene in Scotland? Do you think your guys are helping get Scotland on the map?

We’re not sure about the hip-hop scene in Scotland – we’re not part of it.  Scotland as a hip-hop place is irrelevant – it’s always just about the individual artists.

ABC: You guys have gained quite a name internationally do you think global audiences enjoy your music more that the audience back home?

Nah, it’s the same.  They seem to enjoy it the same – same grins, same looks of awe and wonder, same offers of sex and illicit drugs after the shows, same idiots and same saints – people are the same all over but somehow, we all manage to be individuals.

ABC: Where is your favourite place to perform?

A:  on a comfy bed…  (Imagine said with a voice half an octave lower than usual)
…intimate places, the more condensed the better.

ABC: Intimate gigs or festivals?

Intimate gig, always.

ABC: How different is DEAD to Tape One and Tape Two which feel like one big piece of work split into two?

It went somewhere else.  Started from the same place though.

ABC: Based on your background in the Scottish Hip Hop scene. Do you guys consider yourselves to be a Hip Hop outfit?

We don’t have a background in the Scottish hip-hop scene.

That's a dumb question

That’s a dumb question

However, we are hip-hop and we are pop and we are something entirely else.

ABC: What else has influenced your sound?

South African township/Christian radio in the States/Shangaan/New Orleans funeral marches (second Line)/drum and fife bands/dub and Phil Spector.

ABC:  As a record label, Anticon seems like the perfect fit for the Young Father’s experimental sound. How did that relationship come about?

It was all done online, conceived and consummated.We were the Russian bride to the lonely middle aged American. Before we knew it we had a virtual Green Card and were on our way to Texas.

ABC: How has label backing changed the way you approach music?

Well we used to approach from the south, but since we have label backing we sneak up from the west, although it depends somewhat on which way the wind is blowing.  If there’s a money breeze we tend to have more success, although it’s not guaranteed. Sometimes, the arid, dry, still days make the best noises.

ABC: We’re really big fans of beans any chance we’ll see a young fathers/ beans collabo?

Not in the immediate future. We don’t collab…

ABC: Alloysious and Kayus, How much do your Africa backgrounds influence your music?

K:  I am constantly reminded of my background by my momma and my sister speaking Yoruba in the house. ..  A (interrupting)  It’s just in me and I can call upon it when when needed.  …K:  yes, it’s in me, I can’t escape it.  It’s given to me to do whatever I want.

ABC: Are there any South African musicians that you’re aware of or enjoy listen to?

Professor and Bricks
Tshetsha Boys

ABC: If you had to predict, which acts do you think will blow up in 2014?


ABC: What are you guys currently into?

William Oyeabor
LAW Holt

ABC: The “dead album” has a cleaner sound to your previous recordings, is there a mission that you’re on that we should know about?

No mission, we have just distracted you from the dirt with our gleaming bass lines and shiny shiny words.Now look over there…

ABC: What are the most annoying comparisons you’ve received as a band?

Super lazy comparisons because we are black and white… look deeper.

ABC: How often do you find your music getting taken out of context? What is the context?

The context is created by the music, so if you hear our music, you hear it in context.

ABC: Do you see yourselves getting pressurised into molding the outfit to become a particular kind of aesthetic for people to buy?

That’s why we are with Anticon and Big Dada – they give us enough rope and keep us hungry enough so that we don’t hang but manage to choke out original sounds.



ABC: Have there been those dangers or experiences already?

Perhaps in our past but they are long gone. We are big fuckers now and we make our own decisions if that’s alright with you.

ABC: Occupying the experimental space that you currently do, what have the weirdest requests been from the industry? 

The industry tends to ignore us… we probably have weirder requests of the industry actually.

ABC: You kinda seem to be musical only childs at the moment, anyone on a similar vibe that you’re trying to fuck with, or that we should be aware of?

We are not just only children we are a family of orphans, us and LAW.

ABC: What are you guys looking forward to this year and what can we look forward to?

Touring big ole America, and when it’s over so we can look and see where we are – essentially the view from the next hill.  And you can look forward to the near-ish future where our latest thing already sounds old to us.  Get it quick, it’s already moving on…

ABC: If each of you could choose one person to battle who would it be and what would be your weapon of choice, musical or otherwise?

K:  maself
G:  we batter each other
A:  my shadow

ABC: Batman: Fascist or benevolent billionaire?

Batman is a generous philanthropist with an ab mask.

ABC: Out of 99 problems, what’s the most important one?

The one that makes it 100.



Interview with Petite Noir

Now look at you

Now look at you

PSA from Yannick Ilunga better known as Petite Noir:

“Tell them that SA blogs need to stop dickriding and produce some content that matters. That hasn’t been spat out a million times!”

Oh word? Aight, ABC’s on the case then!

Dudes is also working on a joint with the Mighty Mos Def or wait we mean Yasiin Bey. Word is we can look forward to a drop towards the end of the year.

He also made us promise that we wouldn’t edit the interview to make it more funny or anything. So from the horses mouth and without any added loler moments here’s what it is!

Through his own work and his collaboration with Solange, Dev Hynes has
arguably become the definitive voice of pop music during the past two
years. What has it been like working with him on your Debut record?

Birdie done flown

Birdie done flown

It didn’t end up happening cause his house burnt down in NY, remember that? But I’m not phased you know. God chooses who he wants to work on the
album not me. I am just a vessel. If right now isn’t the right time for me
to work with him then it’s not. Nothing I can do about it. But hopefully
soon we will work together. See what happens

How did you manage to balance your vision with the vision and experience of
seminal producers like Dev Hynes and Luke smith?

When I started working with Luke Smith, I was like damn, “I work with this
guy!” He is the only producer that I know right now that knows the
Noirwave! He doesn’t fuck around! He’s Noirwave! He has definitely made
Noirwave sound a lot better and bigger. Our visions were more or less the
same with the project. He had the tools and I had the music.

You’ve found your greatest success making Noir Wave, which has a lot
of African elements to it. Is it important to your own Africanness through
your music?  



Yeah definitely! I think that without home in your music then it’s
pointless. You are meant to be an ambassador not a hometown hero you know?
Home is the where the heart is. Noirwave is a lifestyle you know. It’s more
than just a genre. Eventually it will turn into something huge.

How do you present that identity without it becoming a gimmick or novelty
for an international audience?

I don’t know. I hate gimmicks though!


When can we expect some local shows from you?
Sometime this year for sure! Just getting everything ready.
Can you tell us about how it’s been recording your debut album, what’s
your process?

It’s been pretty crazy recording the album. So many things were happening to
me while recording my album, like relationship problems, health problems,
stress and all kinds of other things. All that went into the album. It took
a year almost to record it. Recording an album almost drains you. I feel
like I’m having a downer right now.

still runs deep

still runs deep

Most importantly when can we expect your album to drop?

No comment on that yet.

On this journey so far what has been the most exciting collaboration?

Don’t want to say too much on that yet! Saint Heron was pretty sick.
Any intel you can give us on future projects you’re about to work on?

Working on some new material already.

Is there anybody in particular that you would really love to work with in the near future?

I would really love to work with Beyonce! Haha, sounds crazy but it’s pretty
doable. Theophilus London would be cool.

If you meditate it will precipitate

If you meditate it will precipitate

If you could choose 3 of your favourite songs on the album which ones
would they be and why? Take us through each of them.

I’ll let you guys decide on that one! Don’t want to give too much info on it
yet. It is the world’s first Noirwave album ever!

We resumed our conversation with Yannick during his time at SXSW

How’s it going so far [SXSW]?

Just got back from SXSW and the shows went amazing! Everything is going extremely well! A bit of tension and stress but things are def going well.

Any shows?

Got a few American shows soon. We are busy working on some more at the moment.

On my way

On my way

Who’ve you linked up with, your favourite performance so far?

My favourite show was the show we did at SXSW with Saint Heron. Held it down.

What’s your next move from here? 

From here I’m dropping a project really soon and some video!

How was it to meet Mos Def?

Meeting Mos Def was amazing! He really did change something in me from just hanging out with him. He’s great.




That’s what he said! A huge biggups to a great year ahead! The kid seems to be taking African music to new heights! We’re watching and waiting and some will be masturbating!

A very special thank you to the incredible Gabriella Pereira Achadinha for the amazing images and colab. Click here to check out more of  her work.