Those YOH motherfuckers are back in Jozi and hosting another party tomorrow. So there’s a chance you might win yourselves some guestlist for the party if you only follow the following easy followings or like you know… Whatever…

Ian Jespson made the cake so you best know that!

Ian Jespson made the cake so you best know that!

Poster sharing competition:

Johannesburg, win guest list +3 for our party this Saturday!


Share this poster and tag YOH! with a birthday message.

Best birthday message wins!

Poster by Ian Jepson

Fine By Design – Serisha Letchmiah

At least once a year we need to take a pause, breathe, take a step back and recognise the work of whatever metaphysical forces have conspired to come together and work on what could be considered close to perfection in the assembly of the human body face and brains. In other words we just really wanna shout out one of the flyest woman out on these here Jozi streets for almost reaching Goddess levels of heat! To be honest we wire our jaws shut when we’re around, for fear of getting knocked out by that vegetarian and close ABC affiliate Women Who Kill!

Smiles upon our hearts we have. *Sigh

IYoh This Saturday IYoh!


2 mixes one day ninyile kule weekend!!! You know we got A DJ set tomorrow night right?! Problems upon problems! Yup it’s going down with ritualistic sacrifices of sacred animals going on outside!! Asikatali! YOH this Saturday will be IT! We will be selling Unicorn blood that turns people into immortal Voldermort like creatures! As well as viagra made of Rhino parts! We won’t say which, cause people tend to get touched by this particular point( 😉 )

There’s also a competition going on for all you cheap and competitive types who want free mpahla and entrance, the rules of engagement?


What’s up for grabs?:

Brand new green 2BOP Token of Doom Tee and 2BOP Salute 5 Panel Tie Dye.


1. Like YOH! and 2BOP’s Facebook pages

2. Share this photo and tag YOH! and 2BOP in your shared post.


and Click attending to the event this Saturday:


Now for competition number two, the guest list spot that gives you plus TWEEDE!!

1. Share the poster and tag YOH and Kitcheners in your share.
2. In your shared post talk about some fucking aliens!!

Winner will also be announced tomorrow!!

Moral of the story?! Follow instructions and be in the Facebook club tomorrow to find out if you’ve won!

Now for a little teaser of the tunes you can expect to hear from BoyznBucks member DJ Izandla, it’s never too late for a young Christmas tunes!!!

DJ messy stuff!

DJ messy stuff!

And for sho!! Ziyawa kule weekend!!! IYOH!!!

Julie-anne Pocock- Fine By Design

We really are

We really are

It’s sad being stuck in the friend zone with a girl so hot that every guy around you unashamedly slobbers over her when she’s standing next to you. God didn’t forget about the Eastern Cape, he sent Cape Town it’s hottest refugee. Julie-anne is next level punch me in the face, marriage proposal, willingly face castration hot. We wanna write a thousand word post about her features. But annoyingly she’s also greatly talented!! She’s an insane photographer and is nice with the words too. She’s worked with us on a couple projects, including the Voicetag music video. She’s also exported her talents abroad and is about to change the whole advertising game! She shot an interview with King Adz last year here’s the reminder if you forgot.

So here’s a couple links to her work and blog to make sure you know that she’s not just C4 on legs.

Substance first then beauty! Now enjoy the images about to roll, got a feeling you might be stuck on em a while, it’s only fitting that we provide the perfect soundtrack for your time here. This goes out to Our Julie!