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Hiroyasu Tsuri aka TWOONELAPNANT was born in 1985 in Yokohama, Japan. At the age of 18 he moved to Melbourne, Australia where he now holds a Distinguished Talent Visa. Hiro lives and works out of a warehouse in Collingwood.

Just as you thought Australia was the homeland of all things Nuts! For a while now they have actually been harboring and accommodating some of the best visual  artists we’ve seen to date. TWOONE’s work is outstanding and although he uses a really simple imagery which merges man and animal, his execution on any surfaces is the BOMBDIGIDDY! His use of colours, the off center compositions,shapes and detailed morphing of animal into man makes for an interesting and refreshing piece of art. I would go on for years about what I think it all means but I’d rather let you check it out for you self!

Check out he’s site here

Mr. Fuzzy Slipperz- “Vuka Kwedini!” [Video]

So it’s ABC Vice President Mr. Fuzzy Slipperz‘ exhibition opening in Berlin today. As a little precursor to what you might expect at the exhibition, the extremely talented Noel Labridy cooked up this cool little video displaying my man’s skills. Check it out!

All you people that reside in Berlin come through to the exhibition:

Music by the untouchable Dank!

Daniel Ting Chong x STR.CRD

As a designer and illustrator Daniel Ting Chong is probably as good as they come. A Resident of Hellen Zille city, Mr. Ting Chong is the Creative Director of this year’s STR.CRD. and will be featuring some of his work at this years event. Like every 20-something in Cape Town, Dan is also a DJ (he’s actually good) and is one half of Electro Dj duo Mao, They’ll be playing too.

Check homie and his work out at STR.CRD 2012 you really don’t have a reason not to come.

ThemHellas x Revolution Cafe [Mural Video]

Check out this this dope video from our brothers in arms, Themhellas featuring the most international member of the ABC crew (Skubalisto) flexing his art skills at San Francisco based eatery, Revolution Cafe. It’s a pretty cool insight into lives of this really talented collective, so check it out!