It’s spring the trees are purple, the suns out and the beats have never been better!

Pretoria has always been a gem when it comes to fresh sounds and musical talent. From it’s legendary rap acts to eclectic and progressive bands CAP city brings the funk. This weekend will be a testament to all the goodness the good people of PTA have to offer! Believe that it’s spring motherfuckers! Run for cover!

All original

ALL ORIGINAL BEATS – Friday 31 October

Catch The Watermark High, Micr.Pluto, Vox Portent and Strike In Berlin for an evening of all original beats / experimental electronica / instrumental hip-hop / downtempo at +27 Cafe in Hatfield Pretoria.

40 Bones gets you in, Here’s what you can expect to hear….

* The Watermark High

* Vox Portent

* Micr. Pluto

* Strike In Berlin

JUST CHILLIN S3ESSIONS Saturday 1 November Cnr Helen Joseph & Sisulu street, Pretoria 12pm – 10 pm

Just chillin sessions is monthly event that is hosted in the heart of Pretoria. Born from the frustrations of locals who yearned for something new, something fresh something to look forward to on the first Saturday of the month.

chillin 10

Entertainment and music. Yes that’s what they’re offering.

chill 4

Upcoming artists and live performances yes! that’s what they’re offering!


Patrons are going to be treated to exquisite dishes prepared by carefully their selected caterers! Yes that’s what they’re offering!

chill 2

Relax! Have fun! This Saturday Pull In!


Get ready to dance this weekend

Break it down.

Break it down.

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