Thor Rixon goes naked for our health

Thor Rixon has already made an incredible mark on the Cape Town music scene. This is partly due to his unique and growing musical abilities as a producer, solo artist and performer, and also because of his inclination to work with other talented artists, such as Amy Lester (featured in music video), Umlilo (Siya Ngcobo also featured in music video), Card On SpokesNonku Phiri, Push-Push, Okmalumkoolkat, and many, many others.

Together these artists are forging an emergent creativity on the SA music scene that is often exercised through the visual force of music videos.

In his latest release Fuk bread which has was just dropped this morning, Thor is surrounded by fellow creative’s in a ceremony that spans the entire music video.

FB edit

The song is a very literal ode to health, with lyrics like, “Don’t use the microwave, use the oven instead”, “Don’t use margarine use the butter instead.” These along with many other healthy cooking suggestions and advice, are offered as solutions to a very chilling reality- “We kill ourselves day by day.” Thus we must, “Mature the palate and leave the sweets behind” as “This vessel we occupy is fragile.”

The song is about food sacrifice (through abstinence from unhealthy indulgence) for the sake of a healthier lifestyle. Which I personally find a refreshing twist to the prevalent conception of food sacrifice (through death of other creatures) as a necessity for human advancement.

In a dramatic display of putting one’s ‘money where their mouth is’, Thor has his signature beard and dreadlocks shaved off.

FB 2 edit FB 5 edit FB 6 editFB 7 edit

This ofcourse adds much intensity to the meaning of the words, and aligns this artist with his work in a very profound manner. Out from the ashes, or hair or whatever, emerges the new Thor (whose facial structure we are getting to see for the first time via a music video).

The intensity of the music video event and message are made playful and celebratory through some very edgy moves offered by the funky protagonist in his artificial birthday suit, and his trustee back-up vibe partners.

FB 4 edit FB 8 edit

The alternative electronic music scene in SA has long been a well of creative activity for the masses, and witnessing an artist willing to ‘make sacrifices’ for the sake of art is quite reassuring. And just in case you were doubting the dedication to the cause (maybe he needed to cut his hair for a new job anyway) -SPOILER ALERT- he tattoos Fuk bread to the back of his head at the end #4eva4lyf

The Young Fathers Presser, we get more out of that than our 1 on1 interview.

In a couple of hours Young Fathers will have their first concert in Africa. ABC caught up with them at a conference yesterday, where they spoke about their impression of the South African music scene, their complicated yet surprisingly simple musical identity, and the controversial title of their new album: White Men Are Black Men Too.

YF a

Pictures By Sims Phakisi

WeHeartBeat, Assembly Radio and the British Council brought the YF’s over as part of a cultural exchange program, but these guys say that South Africa is already a place they look to for new music. Proffering a huge compliment that SA is “artistically one of the most forward thinking countries”. They mention inspirations off the top of their heads like Mujava, Mafikizolo, Professor, Oskido and Dj Vetkuk. A collaboration has already been done with three people from Durban, and they say they are thinking about collaborating with many more South Africans, but don’t want to drop names.
After the get together with the media reps they went to perform in Soweto, which is one of the places they said they were looking forward to visit.

YF f

Pictures By Sims Phakisi

When asked about their main objective in South Africa, Alloysious excitedly shares, “I wana see them mixing black and white people together.” They also reflect on their own diversity, “Look at us. We’re a living testament that different cultures can make something.” They speak candidly about how remaining fixed in a cultural niche becomes a hindrance that limits people, something which they consider themselves a voice against.

The title White Men Are Black Men Too comes up, and the group elucidate its origin from one of Alloysious’s raps, “it seemed to metaphorically say that the world is not a simple place that you can divide into black and white..”

I asked them if they have considered the phrase in a South African context, and if they would share any such significant meaning with us.

Graham responded immediately, ‘”We are pretty much aware that our experiences differ and can’t comment on what’s going on here because we don’t live here”.

“Music is traveling now, so when you see that title it might spark an idea or spark some knowledge. That’s the power of music” Alloysious added. They proceeded to collectively clarify it as addressing a ” global issue, its a conversation that needs to be had, and everywhere is going to be different… its focusing on the positive side ‘coz its a world issue.” They further explicated that they could not take any half measures with the statement as, “if people are not talking about it then it probably hasn’t served its purpose. ”

After this dialogue about their process and wishes for the title, they decided to bring me in the conversation through some classic reverse psychology, “How does that make you feel?”

My first response was to restate the question and emphasize that due to our past with a segregationist government- that South Africa presented an antithesis to their statement- but that I understood that art forms can transcend basic reality, and I was interested to find out if there’s anything they might want to share with us. At this point I needed a reclining chair with my three shrinks, “Yea, but how does this make you feel?”

YF c

Pictures By Sims Phakisi

“What the White Men…” I receive nods of ‘go on’ approvals, and decided to take the opportunity to to explain that well I get their conceptual aim to express equality, in SA there is an embedded racial inequality as we are still fresh in our ‘democracy’, and its important that we first learn to be aware of equality structurally and functionally, as opposed to idealistically.

Graham answered in a very solemn tone, “I think we are definitely not blind to the fact that the world is not equal. That actually was one of the strongest reasons for having the title- To get people to talk because it’s not equal. We are not trying to say this is a blanket statement, ‘The world is equal’, we are saying this because it is not, and we want people to talk about it so it can get better.”

YF b

Picture By Sims Phakisi

A theme presented itself in the interview; they were challenging simplicity with a more heart-felt, and therefore more complex form of simplicity. It seems to be a reflection of how they see themselves in the music industry, “We call ourselves a pop group even though some people see us as some left field, strange group- we didn’t believe that that should be kept in its corner… TV and radio always influence the masses, and we don’t agree with them keeping it a kinda very linear thing. We want/think it should represent everybody- so they should make a time for things that are maybe a bit strange and maybe not so simple… The media has a responsibility… that’s why we call ourselves a pop group because we want to be in there with everybody else even though we’re a bit weird..”

The interview ended on an insightful note as they explained that pop music is the hardest music for them to make as it requires the “balance of so many things”, and even if you get everything “right”, it does not mean that people will gravitate towards it- which is, I’m supposing, an ultimate measure of success.

S/O to Young Fathers for coming to visit and perform for us. And an ever bigger S/O to their good natures!

Look after them Cape Town! We’ll take care of them tonight!

YF d

Pictures By Sims Phakisi

Keep In Touch Video Just Dropped!

Yoh! so not so long ago I tried to figure out if Dope Saint Jude was part of the mythological Illuminati presence in the music industry.

In conclusion it was summed that while South Africa had been through maximum levels of cultural manipulation in the past- this artist was definitely only guilty of the production of relative cultural material.

Today the Keep In Touch music video dropped featuring Angel-Ho.

kit 1Now I do believe these people deserve to have their own cult following about now. The video consists of everything from Cape Town fashions, the legitimizing of Kaapse Taal-
kit 4
-sequenced dances, including a easy-to-follow themed move- Vouge In The Morning baby
kit 9

There’s forms and artifacts that represent the Capetonian lifestyle, culture/counter-culture- in every scene, which means deez tingz are getting elevated to levels of artistic documentation. AND its being illustrated and performed for your enjoyment and viewing participation. Don’t be passive about how accessible this is! Keep the fuck in touch! For real though..

S/O to Angel-Ho and Dope Saint Jude for having so much vibe and flare!! You guys teach us things!!
kit 7
kit 6Don’t get left behind peep-holes!

Keeping in Touch with Dope Saint Jude and Angel-Ho

There is a lot of hype about the possible influence of a secret society in the music industry. Have you come across those sites that decode the presence of a culture manipulating occult society in the music videos, performances and actions of artists?

They describe many artists who make it big in the industry as having Multiple Personality Disorder. Its alleged that there is a disassociation with a central lucid Self, and that this is the means by which ‘people at the top’ of this Satanist-regime, otherwise known as the Illuminati, can ritualistically gain mind control over these artists, who are in fact their puppets in the global industry to spread the mind control messages of the supremacist agenda they work for.

Well if this myth is even remotely true one needs to take a couple things into account. We are going to explore some of these with the most important female presence to hail from Cape Town since Goddessa:

Please meet, if you haven’t had the pleasure already, the illustrious Catherine, who is the brains, body and talent behind the musical force that is Dope Saint Jude


Picture By Chomma

So ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’ and ‘Dissociation’ hey, let’s think about that quickly shall we? Whilst being her own unique artist, Dope Saint Jude also reps the collective social identity of being a ‘Coloured’ person in South Africa. A social grouping that was designated an in-between status due to the inconvenient nature of their existence towards the prevalent oppressive governing system of the past. Coloured people were the dirty laundry of colonialists and the Apartheid regime that had a separatist agenda that enabled white supremacy. Coloured people are the fruits of diversity and they make manifest the progressive nature of diversity.

Instead of a celebration of the social-landscape revolution that rapidly took place in SA, Colourful people were dissociated from their rich and complex history to a vicarious no-roots zone where they often had to rely on globalization for their identity and culture. With globalization comes global power dynamics.. Here’s Dope Saint Jude with a white male on a chain, and one cross in her ear, pulling her ‘favourite finger up’ saying her ‘secret super powers’ are locked, and ‘what the fuck you gana do’ in the Golden Ratio music video.

Scene from the Golden Ratio Music Video

She is clearly subverting global power dynamics by claiming her own. An Illuminati ‘decoding’ site would say something like, ‘the male on the chain represents her dormant controlled state, which her front alter is now leading, which shows she has become brainwashed into being her own handler’, probably also noting the presence of the white male and the cross as signs of her oppression. That would be, as it often is, extremely short-sighted! As the truth is the presence of the white male and the cross were always going to be there in some way or the other- the white male and the cross represent a major shift in the African paradigm. Dope Saint Jude is a brown female taking back her power over these pervasive forces.

She is also wearing leopard print in a dark room, and crawling like a cat in one scene. Beta kitten sex-programming? Often you can only see one eye, while the other is ominously cast in shadow. She must be a mind controlled puppet slave robot of the Illuminati right?

Golden Ratio

Or maybe the sexually repressed fear-mongering Christian white heterosexual males that write most of the ‘Illuminati decoding’ sites need to get more in touch with artistic expression and just basic reality in general. Like how homology and analogy will show that we are genetically and conceptually linked to animals, and that we do in fact have animal natures that vie for expression all the time! Great artists are able demonstrate and perform not only a personae that provides a face that is socially acceptable, but also transgress these boundaries with what is often hidden or suppressed in modernised ‘civil’ society.

It was on a site decoding the movie Lucy that I read the supremacist agenda of the Illuminati is about believing that us mere mortals are like animals, and haven’t ascended to the near god-like status beyond levels of fear, pain and desire… If this is true then we need to show these peep-holes a thing or two about the primacy of the primal.. Artistically speaking of course..

Also is this girl not a god?

Golden Ratio

This was supposed to just be a post about Dope Saint Jude’s new release, Keep In Touch Ft Angel-Ho, which is DOPE no doubt! But I’m a fan of context, Dope Saint Jude and the Occult, and contextually speaking I think Dope Saint Jude has all the necessary ‘mystical, supernatural, or magical powers, practices, or phenomena’ needed to provide us with some much needed transcendent artistical expression here in good ‘ol SA, where we have BEEN systematically mind controlled for eons!

Her latest release showcases her usual ability to flip gender, racial and economic norms, in an elaborate spectrum that celebrates Kaapse taal and realities. Her partner in crime on this track, Angel-Ho, is another important presence as a ‘Coloured girl from Kensington’, who is gender non-conforming and has an attitude that screams local Vouge!

Here’s them doing Vogue in the morning:

Keep in Touch !


It’s spring the trees are purple, the suns out and the beats have never been better!

Pretoria has always been a gem when it comes to fresh sounds and musical talent. From it’s legendary rap acts to eclectic and progressive bands CAP city brings the funk. This weekend will be a testament to all the goodness the good people of PTA have to offer! Believe that it’s spring motherfuckers! Run for cover!

All original

ALL ORIGINAL BEATS – Friday 31 October

Catch The Watermark High, Micr.Pluto, Vox Portent and Strike In Berlin for an evening of all original beats / experimental electronica / instrumental hip-hop / downtempo at +27 Cafe in Hatfield Pretoria.

40 Bones gets you in, Here’s what you can expect to hear….

* The Watermark High

* Vox Portent

* Micr. Pluto

* Strike In Berlin

JUST CHILLIN S3ESSIONS Saturday 1 November Cnr Helen Joseph & Sisulu street, Pretoria 12pm – 10 pm

Just chillin sessions is monthly event that is hosted in the heart of Pretoria. Born from the frustrations of locals who yearned for something new, something fresh something to look forward to on the first Saturday of the month.

chillin 10

Entertainment and music. Yes that’s what they’re offering.

chill 4

Upcoming artists and live performances yes! that’s what they’re offering!


Patrons are going to be treated to exquisite dishes prepared by carefully their selected caterers! Yes that’s what they’re offering!

chill 2

Relax! Have fun! This Saturday Pull In!


Get ready to dance this weekend

Break it down.

Break it down.


Firstly Platform bigup yourselves!

It sucks being dropped by a heavy investment with a lame excuse like.

“I read my shit’s the wrong way around or whatever”


So you know that hella dope party scheduled to be on today with MNDSGN headlining? Backed by some of the greatest beat making and braking motherfuckers that we know of in SA at the moment? We’re talking Okmalumkoolkat, Christian Tiger School, Card On Spokes, Micr.Pluto and DJ Danger Ingozi!

The one with this fucking dope ass preview vid!

Yeah, well turns out dude missed his flight and said something like

Soz I can’t make it ous, like I couldn’t read my itinerary correct or like whatever but like have jol.”

mndsgn sorry

Whatever dude, stay on the other side of the time zone. It’s not like motherfuckers already bought their tickets or non!

Moving on from the bore, a hero emerged from the Pyramids and for the same reasons Jesus turned the water into wine, he’s come to keep the party going! Yeah apparently he just called up the Platform homeys and was on some, whatever let me rock that shit tonight and they were all like yeah man you da best and naturally homey was like damn niggas get off the jock, I been running this game!

sakitumi copy

SO YES! HEADLINING TONIGHT IS MR MOTHERFUCKING SAKITUMI!! What ya’ll know! Act like you do and let’s burn Dr Pachanga and Sweatface McGee’s studio to the fucking ground!! BRING YOUR OWN LIQOUR! This shit just turned up to maximum!


IT’S ALL ABOUT MOTHERFUCKING RESPECT!! And Sakitumi has that motherfucker on lock, hands down! Let’s do this!

Bravo don’t touch it! We are pleased!

DVNGLEz – Prosper EP | Free Release


Prosper EP

Prosper EP

Because ya’ll are the best for being patient enough for our sporadic posts we’ve decided to put ya’ll on to some bass to twist your wigs the week. From the same producer who brought you that Coltrane Sentimental Mood on 808’s DVNGLEz, here’s a free 5 track EP. This is that Lucifer twerking on Nicki’s booty type of head get mashed in type shits!


Those YOH motherfuckers are back in Jozi and hosting another party tomorrow. So there’s a chance you might win yourselves some guestlist for the party if you only follow the following easy followings or like you know… Whatever…

Ian Jespson made the cake so you best know that!

Ian Jespson made the cake so you best know that!

Poster sharing competition:

Johannesburg, win guest list +3 for our party this Saturday!


Share this poster and tag YOH! with a birthday message.

Best birthday message wins!

Poster by Ian Jepson